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September 21, 2023

ترند الجمال و العناية بالبشرة

Ready for a new season of beauty trends? Glowing skin, soft lashes, and natural makeup are ramping up to be the hottest fall trends of 2022. Some traditional favorites are holding strong, with self-care and minimalist skin continuing their domination, but some new contenders have arrived to shake up your routine.


You’ve heard of glass skin and dewy skin… the shiny, wet-looking glow has been a major trend for a few years now. Enter cloud skin. A lighter, more ethereal glow, which is neither dewy, matte, nor glassy. Rather, it’s about providing a dream-like, hazy quality to the skin. Think Vermeer’s portrait of the Girl with a Pearl Earring. You’re glowing, but from the inside outward.

The products used to achieve such an angelic look are sheer, soft, and cloud-like in their application (hence the name). Their textures should blend with the skin, not just sit on top.

Clean, prepped, and hydrated skin is pivotal to this look. To smooth your delicate eye area, lock in moisture, and blur imperfections, try AquaBlur® Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer. This award-winning formula helps fortify lashes and brows and replenish moisture levels for all-day, velvety skin. It's a must-have to achieving flawless, glowing cloud-like skin around the eyes – and for soft, hydrated lashes and brows, too.

When it comes to foundation, powders and tinted moisturizers will help give you a dreamy, glowy base. If concealer is needed, opt for a stick or cream-based product. To remove some of the sheen, finish with a light dusting of translucent powder.

The view really comes together when you highlight. Select a shimmer-free, transparent highlighter on your lips, cheeks, eyes, and Cupid’s bow. Think of a cloud at sunset. How is it illuminated and where are the highlights hitting? This is the appearance you are trying to bring about.


With that perfect firmness, bounce, and wiggle, Jell-O is iconic. But what in the world is jello skin? Well… it shares the textural qualities of the famous dessert. It’s all about the bounce-back of perfectly plump, full skin when touched. The embodiment of hydration, elasticity, and suppleness.

The jiggle comes from collagen, hydration, and genetics. Not everyone’s internal skin structure is going to be bouncy or positively plump. Much of your skin’s appearance is genetic. But there are some things you can do to help:

  • Hydration: Internal and external is a must. So drink your water and moisturize religiously!
  • Use serums, creams, and gels containing intensely hydrating ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is a powerhouse moisturizer found in high-end formulations.
  • Drying and unduly harsh chemicals strip away moisture and can harm your skin’s protective barrier. And yes, your skin can be too clean!

Even if you can’t achieve the fully bouncing jello effect, protecting and caring for your skin will keep it happy, healthy, and youthful.


The slimmed down routine still reigns. And quality products are king. Choose those that offer verifiable results. While initially branded ‘lazy skincare’ and ‘just a fad,’ this high quality, low effort, minimalist concept is here to stay. Why? Because it encourages women (and men) to look their best without all the fuss.

Minimalist doesn’t mean one step. On the contrary, minimalist beauty and skincare is a multi-step routine that eliminates unnecessary and unhelpful products. The focus is on the smallest amount of product needed to realize your best skin. Plus, a minimalist routine is easily tailored to your precise needs.

The best products for a minimal beauty routine? Those able to do double or triple duty!

Take your lashes and brows. They require the same level of care as your complexion. They require specific, eye-safe formulas, preferably developed by a physician.

Lashes and brows need protection from environmental stressors, the effects of aging, and other factors that can cause damage (extensions, perms, drying waterproof makeup) – which is where RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced can help.

They're science-backed, physician developed, and dermatologist reviewed, and specifically designed to condition, strengthen, and revitalize lashes and brows in one simple step. Minimalist beauty at its finest.


Much like minimalist skincare, barely there makeup is about simplicity and natural beauty. “Is she wearing any makeup?” No one will know for sure, but they’ll be stunned by your glowing skin, bold brows, and beautiful lashes.

Your favorite primer may be all you need, but if you want a little additional coverage, opt for a tinted moisturizer or serum over traditional full-coverage foundations. You want your inner glow to radiate. 

So, do you want to look stunning au naturel or… well… almost naturel? Your brows and lashes had better be on point. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lashes and brows are the keys to getting in. Start with clean, prepped lashes and brows. Micellar Water Lash Wash draws out impurities as it removes makeup, dirt, and oil without drying. It soothes and hydrates your brows, lids, and lashes. Applying makeup – a light coat of mascara or a bit of brow pencil – is a breeze.

Finish your look with a soft pink blush, gentle highlights on the cheekbones and Cupid's bow, and a sheer gloss. Enjoy the compliments!


If there is one trend to get on board with it’s anti-stress skincare. Stress kills. And it also ages. Everything from acne, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis can all erupt due to stress. As everyone knows, when you don’t get enough sleep, it shows instantly on your skin.

Treating yourself to a luxurious, self-care beauty routine is about personal well-being. A much more holistic, intuitive approach to skin and self-care, this reduction of stress helps lower the stress hormone cortisol.

At home, ‘spa-like’ treatments, breath work, and relaxing rituals like using jade roller or gua sha are excellent techniques to help you destress and unwind from the day. Consider these things to be the art of well-being… ways to find peace from the chaos. And, less stress may lead to plumper (less wrinkled), more youthful-looking, and more glowing skin.

Stressors, both daily and environmental, play a major role in the health of your lashes and brows. Pamper them both with Lash & Brow Masque, an ultra-reparative treatment that addresses the physical and visible signs of damaged lashes and brows. Just like a masque for your hair, this nutrient-rich, intensely nourishing formula repairs, restores, and hydrates. You'll feel more relaxed and your brows and lashes will look stronger, healthier, and shinier.