PRECISION TWEEZERS - Revitalash® KSA. Real Curl. Real Lashes.
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Free Shipping when you purchase more than 699 SAR

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Precision Tweezers

Easy to grip, professional grade tweezers
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لضمان حصولك علي منتجنا الاصلي, احرص علي شراء منتجاتنا من موقع ريفيتالاش
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Professional grade tweezers shape and define small hairs with comfort precision.
• Slightly angled tips sit comfortably against the skin
• Thin edge tips provide precise hair removal
• Professional trade stainless steel suitable for frequent use
• Easy grip design allows for expert handling
Resistant to rust and corrosion for extended use
Suitable for sterilization
Can I sanitize my tweezers?
Yes! We recommend sanitizing your tweezers with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, then rinsing and drying thoroughly.

Where are the tweezers made?
Our tweezers are made in Italy..

How to apply

Step 1

Hold the skin taut to help remove hair with less discomfort.

Step 2

Tweeze stray hairs around the area, removing only the obvious coarse/dark hair.

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